Your Breakthrough is Here!

Your Breakthrough is Here!

In Christian circles we talk a lot about our coming breakthrough, and whilst we wait for our breakthrough to find us we come up with statements like… ‘God’s timing is perfect’, ‘God will make it happen’, ‘God is perfecting me’ or ‘God will give it to me when I am ready’ etc. etc.
But your breakthrough has already been provided when you know Jesus Christ as your personal saviour.
You don’t need a breakthrough, yes you heard me right, stop looking for what’s already been given to you.
You no longer lack anything!
Jesus has given you everything already!

So what’s wrong then?

You have a wisdom problem!

Think about it for a second, ponder the promises God has written to you in His word.

Has God not said He will provide all your needs from His riches in Glory?
Has He not said by His Stripes you ‘are’ healed?

Time to start believing you have everything already.
It’s time to start asking God for wisdom to access and use everything He has already promised you!

If you are doubting you have your breakthrough then you are also doubting God’s promises too.

Breakthroughs or rather ‘open doors’ don’t just happen, they come about because you commit, focus and act on the revelation you receive and engage with people who reveal knowledge or point you in the right direction.

Solomon prayed for wisdom when he was overwhelmed by the tasks and the future. And he got wisdom given to him and so much more!

Let’s believe God at His Word. and pray for wisdom this week.
And see what changes!

Pastor Phillip Hand

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