Worship in the sea of life!

Worship in the sea of life!

Worship is our spiritual Warship…

Worship launches us out into our ministry calling.
Worship propels us forward and stops us from drifting off course.
Worship invites the wind of the Holy Spirit to push us to victory.
Worship enhances our radar senses and lets us see the unseen.
The more Worshipers on board the more powerful and intimidating to the enemy we become.
Worship can continue in all weathers, thanks to our strong crew and confidence in the captain.
Worship may seem calm, but under the surface, we are creating great spiritual waves of turbulence.
When Worship is done under authority, the captain is honoured by the crew and everything is ship-shape.
When Worship stops your anchor will be secure.
When the enemy fires shot’s at HMS Worship they bounce off and fall away.
Worship can search out, destroy obstacles & sink opposition.
Worship can launch rescue missions and provide shelter and protection to the vulnerable.

No matter what size your boat is, when worship is on board you can travel like a warship in the sea of life!

Pastor Phillip Hand

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