Prayer of Agreement Results In Financial Blessing

Prayer of Agreement Results In Financial Blessing

On talking with a Christian brother, I mentioned that my son had recently gone through a divorce and a challenging past couple of years and now he was also having car problems resulting in him needing £600 to fix it.

After a discussion about the situation, I told my friend that we could probably only afford £100 to help him.  We then prayed in agreement and asked God to provide the monies needed to repair the car.  The next morning my friend rang me to say that God had told him to send me £100 towards the repairs, which he did immediately.

Why then, was I surprised at this unexpected gift, when we had prayed for provision the night before?

I was so taken back by his generosity; in fact, it brought a tear to my eye.  I then decided that in view of this we would step out in faith and give £200 instead of the £100 we had committed to giving, still leaving us £300 short.  We thanked God for the blessing and asked where the rest was going to come from.

Within the next couple of hours, my friend rang me once again and told me that he, in turn, had been talking to a good friend of his and telling him about my son.  Immediately his friend told him that God had spoken to him during the night and said that he hadn’t given any money away lately and he needed to do so.  The remaining £300 was received as a further gift towards repairs!

Neither of these people has ever met my son and I was overwhelmed by their generosity and help.

However, we ourselves have given to the need of others many times over in the past few years and thought nothing of it, but to be on the receiving side and have it gifted to us really humbled us.

Does God answer prayer, does God care about ordinary people?
Yes, even those who are like my son that doesn’t want to know God (yet).

Only God knows the seed that has been planted into my son, he could not understand why people that don’t even know him would want to help him this way?
All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

God is Good.   What an understatement!

Dave Brannon

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