What’s my calling?

What’s my calling?

One of the questions evangelists get a lot from people after they have ministered is… ‘I don’t know what my Christian calling is?’

Well I can answer that question fairly easily…

‘Our calling is to be Christ like in all things; in order to be God’s hands on earth’

But how can I enter my calling? you say…

First of all, what is a calling?

It’s the very purpose that God made you for.

It’s when you work together closely with God that everything you do and touch is blessed and the work of faith appears effortless to those who see you work.

It’s when you are full of the Spirit of God, the Gifts operate freely through you and you are overflowing with the fruits of the Spirit!

To be full of Jesus, that is God’s calling on your life!
But it’s up to you to embrace the calling.

The really good news is that Jesus Christ wants to work with us and through us, but you have to be willing.
You will need to be open to the full teaching of the Bible and submitted under the guidance and revelation of the Holy Spirit.

To embrace your calling there must be some time of preparation before the time of separation.

That will often mean… letting go of religion that may have been taught to you all your life, and letting go of all that stuff may take some time.

For example I often have heard people teach that ‘the gifts of the Holy Spirit were for establishing the early church and are not for today because we have the completed bible’.
I always had a problem with that teaching and thankfully I know why, because it’s simply not true, we need the Holy Spirit more than ever today, we need the supernatural Holy Spirit because it’s Him that gives us life more abundantly!

The church almost died in the past, especially during the dark ages because the Holy Spirit withdrew from the established church.
All because of an influx of unbiblical or political doctrines and many churches appointed leaders with a career rather than a calling!

Today we too must guard our hearts and separate from the world’s wisdom, and by that I mean… repenting and ditching any unbiblical compromising doctrines imposed by religion or peer pressure.

You know the sort of doctrines I mean, the ones you know in your heart that go against the laws of nature and that undermine God’s holiness, such false doctrines like… ‘God is okay with horoscopes, homeosexuality, drugs, drukneness, pornography, sex outside of a one man and one woman marriage and all paths or all religions lead to heaven etc.’
Any doctrines that harm society, us, our children or defy nature are never pleasing to God!

How can I put this in a loving way… ‘Stop thinking you know better than God and start accepting what His Word teaches about sin only then will you begin to experience the fullness of God’s calling’.

God did not make people sinners, He made them with a purpose and destiny, but it’s stubbornness and rebellion that makes a person keep their distance from a Holy God and stops them entering their God given calling.

(Side Note: The Bible, in 1 Samuel 15, tells us stubbornness is like idolatry which means we mistakenly worship ourselves, someone or an idea far above God. And rebellion is like witchcraft which means we seek the spiritual and operate in the supernatural things illegally through the Devil and not through the power or guidance of the Holy Spirit.)

And don’t give me any of that ‘Don’t judge me!’ stuff that sinners like to preach.
I am telling you the truth because I love you… ‘If your life is out of line with God’s Word you will simply struggle to hear God and know right from wrong or walk in the peace of your calling.

When you stop hearing God you will only hear yourself, others or the Devil!’.

Sin also opens up nasty doors to sickness, poverty and brokenness. And not just to you, those doors that you have opened will affect all those that you love and hold dear to you.

You see where Jesus is there is no lack, but when you move away from Him you move away from your blessings and out of the light and into the darkness.

If you are not hearing from God today then be honest with yourself and ask ‘what is in my life that probably shouldn’t be there? or is my idea of who God is, wrong?’

Thankfully turning to Jesus and confessing our sin to Him is our way back to God.

Confess today and be blessed today, why delay… say ‘Father forgive me!’.

Often we also simply do not hear from God because we have never been trained or tuned.
God is always speaking to us, but if we have tuned out or turned off from God we cannot hear Him or see Him.

God may want to send you to someone today with a message of hope and healing but because you don’t know how to hear God you never receive that instruction. And because you never received the instructions from God you spend your life waiting for God’s call.

That’s why it’s really important you seek God today and ask our father in Heaven for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Recently I was praying for someone’s healing and the Holy Spirit showed me an old train in my imagination (minds eye). In faith I asked the person did trains mean anything to them? and they said yes, ‘my Grandfather worked on the trains when I was a child’.
Through me being able to hear from God I was able to share a loving message about how God has continually watched over them since they were a child, and that God wanted to be part of their life’s Journey. I got them to see that God really does care and does indeed want to speak and share with people. It was a blessed time and the people present did indeed get spiritually and physically healed!

You too can work with the Holy Spirit and bless many people.

You must find a church that believes in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and operates in them.
If they say they believe but you don’t see miracles or they don’t have training and teaching in the Holy Spirit’s gifts then ask your pastor to teach on the Gifts.
You can also seek out training from Christian conferences, good books or TV programmes like Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural.

My only warning is this ‘Seek first the Kingdom of Jesus and seek only Jesus!’,

Don’t get caught up in seeking after signs and wonders or angels because you can quickly become side tracked or even misled.

Instead be available to God, be willing and do what God tells you!

Always operate in love, anything else is your flesh or your mouth and that will get you into big trouble!

Your calling has already been established, the path to your calling is partnering with Jesus and letting the Holy Spirit loose in your life.

Don’t let self get in your way, the fear of failure, fear of man’s opinion or fear of religion stop you.

Jesus believes in you, has called you already and sent the Holy Spirit to you.

Now it’s time for you to respond to the call!

Pastor Phillip Hand

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